Replay: Parenting Mastery Summit

Day 1: The Building Blocks of Conscious Parenting

The Foundation of Conscious Parenting

with Dr. Shefali​

Understanding Narcissism

with Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Rapid Transformational Therapy

with Marisa Peer

How to Juggle Career, Parenthood & Self-Care

with Kate Northup

Building Maximal Emotional Intelligence

with Alyssa Campbell

The Power of Mind-Body Connection

with Dr. Mona Delahooke

A Sneak-Peek into The Parenting Map

with Jason & Cecilia Hilkey

The Keys to Prevent, Heal and Transcend Trauma

with Dr. Gabor Mate

How to Improve Resilience, Autonomy and Creativity in Children

with Peter Gray

The Power of Simplicity Parenting

with Tracy Gillett

Emotional Inheritance & Generational Trauma

with Suzanne Tucker

Day 2: Ending the Chaos and Conflict

Handling Screen Addiction

Panel with experts

How To Do The Inner Work on Yourself

with Dr. Nicole Lepera

Getting on the Same Page with Your Partner

with Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

How to Create Boundaries that Work, Last and Elevate Us

with Terri Cole

Untigering Yourself and Giving Power to Your Child

with Iris Chen

7 Mindfulness Strategies for Parents

with Hunter Clarke-Fields

Raising 5 Kids, Having a Marriage & a Business and Playing Through It All!

with Avital Schrei

From Implicit Bias and Shame to Connection

with Chazz Lewis

Conscious Tools to Manage Sibling Rivalry

with Dr. Laura Markham

How to Use Mindfulness Tools with Kids

with Roma Khetrapal

Self Care for Moms

with Suzi Lula

Conscious Practices with a Special Needs Child

with Cindy Kaplan

Understanding LGBTQI+ Issues

with Dr. Davina Kotulski

Day 3: How To Connect With Your Kids

Consciously Connecting with Neuro-divergent Children

with Aniko Burjan & Christine L'Abbé

Parenting Young Boys Who Struggle With Aggression

with Tosha Schore

Integrating Masculinity & Femininity in our Kids

with Suzi Lula

Navigating Your Kid’s Identity

with Cathy Adams

Teen Troubles and How to Manage Them

with Casey O'Roarty

Transforming Anxiety and Anger into Power

with Renee Jain

Tools to Deal wit Anxiety in Kids

with Julietta Skoog

How to become a scream-free parent

with Hal Runkel

How to teach your children to be anti-racist

with Tia Fagan

Best practices for conscious communication

with Melanie Whitney